How TalentFund helped StageKeep to find a Fractional Engineer

January 17, 2024
Company: StageKeep
Founder: Axel Villamil
Accelerator: TechStars '22
Position: F/E Engineer
Contract: Cash Only
Length: 3 months to start

StageKeep is a technology company focused on creating collaborative tools for creators to easily manage, design and review the pre-production logistics, rehearsals, and videos for performances or events saving stakeholders time and money.

The Background Story:

StageKeep urgently needed a Senior Frontend/Game Developer to help complete the 2.0 version of their product for desktop and tablet usage. This was due to one of their developers breaking their hand. The successful candidate would assist in launching the product so StageKeep could start selling to pre-order clients, including the Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks, Dallas Cowboys, Beyonce and more.

Tech Stack: React.js and Three.js, with a specific requirement for experience in the gaming industry. 

Terms: StageKeep was looking to hire the engineer for cash-only compensation, and the contract was set for a 3-month to start, with the possibility of a long-term engagement. 

StageKeep received numerous applications on LinkedIn, but many of them were from unqualified candidates. Sorting through this flood of applications was a time-consuming task. Consequently, the management team at TechStars, the accelerator that StageKeep was a part of, recommended TalentFund as a solution to help them quickly find the right talent.

TalentFund suggested Fractional Hiring to StageKeep, which targeted talented professionals already working at top tech companies. This approach helped attract the best candidates and reduced the time to hire. As the targeted candidates were already employed, they didn't need to make major life decisions, even though StageKeep had already gained massive traction. Hiring someone on a fractional basis also helped StageKeep save on overhead costs and avoid overhiring, leading to better burn rate management.


TalentFund quickly matched StageKeep with suitable candidates within few days. Among the three candidates, Sal stood out as the top choice due to his seniority, React proficiency, Three.js experience (including gaming), and great collaboration skills. His prior work with early-stage startups also made him an ideal fit, bringing valuable insight and experience. Sal was looking for a remote contract position and willing to commit up to 20 hours per week, alongside his full-time job at a venture studio.


Working with Sal proved highly successful for StageKeep. He played a key role in achieving product milestones and conducted R&D on critical features, including previewing formations and improving performance timeline. Sal's contributions were integral to the successful launch of StageKeep's V 2.0 in April 2023, marking a significant milestone for the company.

Sal's collaboration with StageKeep has demonstrated the significant benefits of quickly and cost-effectively acquiring the right talent through fractional hiring, highlighting the potential that can be unlocked with the right team in place.