‍Fractional to Full-time Startup Gigs

Find fractional roles with VC-backed quality startups, convert to full-time if things go well, or secure a full-time position.

Select your Preference to Work

Open to working with multiple
startups either on the side of a
full-time, during a transition between jobs, or on a permanent basis.
Full-time Conversion
Might only be interested in staying fractional, or open to converting to
full-time after the initial successful collaboration.
Looking to work exclusively as a
full-time employee with startups.
For senior/executives, there are
always more options available.

Future of Work is Flexible

The future of work will be more flexible and fragmented. Forces such as remote work, accelerated by Covid-19, along with demographic and employment regulation changes, have played a role.

However, the primary force has been mass layoffs in the tech industry, largely attributed to traditional hiring practices.

Why TalentFund?

Team up with startups on fractional-to-full-time terms and everything between

Tailored Work Arrangements

Choose your level of involvement with startups as a Fractional Executive/CxO, Team Lead or as a Builder, with the flexibility to stay fractional or convert to full-time.

Top Opportunities

Discover startups and growth opportunities that align with your experience, and preferences, such as their tech stack, industry, development stage, funding, and even the VC backing them up.

The concept of working with startups on a fractional basis has always attracted me, and I've taken on a few contracts here and there. TalentFund was able to provide me with several different opportunities, and I chose the one that made the most sense for me.
Frontend Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TalentFund?

Talent Marketplace for Responsible Growth.

We offer an alternative vision to traditional hiring practices by enabling companies to seamlessly incorporate fractional/part-time talent within their hiring roadmaps.

With the extension to fractional-to-full-time talent marketplace for hiring execution.

What startups can join TalentFund?

We work with Angel & VC-backed startups from Pre-seed to IPO.

What qualification do I need to join TalentFund?

While we welcome all top engineering and product talent, you should have at least 3-4 years of experience and a track record of working at top tech companies that prioritize the best agile and product development processes. Based on your qualification and experience, you can choose to work with startups at 3 different levels:

• Advisor
• CxOs/Executive in Residence - Hands on Advisory or Fractional Leadership
• Builder.

Can product teams join TalentFund?

Yes, absolutely! If you are already part of an exceptional product team, we would love to have you join TalentFund. Depending on your team's specialization and preferences, we will match you with startups that specifically need your expertise.

However, all team members must be compensated equally, and we do not allow agencies to join TalentFund at this time.

What does the time commitment look like when working with startups?

At TalentFund, you have the flexibility to commit to anywhere between 5 and 40 hours per week, based on your availability and preferences.

Depending on your seniority level and experience, you may be eligible for platform roles such Advisor or CxO in Residence. As a CxO in Residence, you can either support the existing startup team as a Hands-on Advisor or a Fractional Leader (CTO, CPO, CDO, COO, CFO), or take on the role of a Builder, responsible for executing the roadmapped objectives.

How does the compensation model look like?

Once your membership is approved, you will have the opportunity to set your hourly rate. TalentFund charges a 5% transaction-based fee to talent.

In the contract flow, the first step is to mutually agree with startups on a monthly time allocation ranging from 5 to 40 hours per week to work on the project. You will be compensated at the end of every 4-week sprint period, applicable to both the cash-only and cash/equity models.

If you are open to cash/equity model, equity incentives are suggested based on your hourly rate and the extent to which you are willing to discount your hourly rate for a project you are passionate about. Equity will be vested on a monthly basis, with a 30-day cliff, and all equity incentives will be fully vested at the end of the contract term.

How do I get paid?

We utilize Plooto for payment processing, which credits your bank account and securely stores all banking information.

For each contract period (4-week sprint), you will need to log your hours and submit a timesheet. Once the startup approves the timesheet, you will receive payment within the next 2-5 business days, depending on the processing times of your bank.