Plan & Hire Fractional to
Full-time Talent

Strategically plan & hire the top 1% of product & engineering talent fractionally, convert to full-time as needed, and fill full-time roles.

How TalentFund Works

1. Set Goals

Define business objectives:
hire faster and prevent layoffs,
boost your team's skill matrix,
or hire a full-product team.

2. Optimize Roadmap

Compare you current hiring plan to optimized plan to understand cost/benefit of fractional hiring and drive data-centred decisions.

3. Hire Talent

Hire using your internal team or utilize TalentFund to streamline
talent acquisition, and let us take care of running the back-office.

Strategic Headcount Planning

Amid the economic downturn and the lack of VC funding, fractional hiring aligns precisely with a company's talent acquisition needs.

Leverage Hiring Trends

Unlock transformative hiring with TalentFund's Headcount Planning Tool, enabling hiring scenario comparisons, facilitating cost calculations, and establishing baselines for effective decision-making.

Push Selected Roles to TalentFund

Streamline Hiring with our Talent Marketplace

Team Boost

Fill talent gaps with fractional to full-time senior to executive talent. Our focus is in Engineering, Design, Product Management, and Marketing.

Team Squad

Hire full product team—Team Lead, Engineers, Designer, Product Manager, and QA—with the option to convert to full-time with project success.

How TalentFund helped StageKeep to find a Fractional Engineer

Read the case study on how TalentFund was able to help StageKeep hire fractional engineering talent to finish their product and launch V 2.0.
Read Case Study

Get a Free

Get a free template for efficient headcount planning and cost optimization with fractional talent applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TalentFund?

Talent Marketplace for Responsible Growth.

We offer an alternative vision to traditional hiring practices by enabling companies to seamlessly incorporate fractional/part-time talent within their hiring roadmaps.

With the extension to fractional-to-full-time talent marketplace for hiring execution.

What startups can join TalentFund?

We work with Angel & VC-backed startups from Pre-seed to IPO.

What talent can join TalentFund?

Fractional Work is when talent works for multiple companies, either as a side gig, during a transition between roles, or by choosing this type of work permanently. While some talent is solely interested in staying fractional, many are open to converting to full-time after the initial successful collaboration.

While we welcome all top engineering, product and marketing talent, we generally prefer candidates with at least 3-4 years of experience and a track record of working at top tech companies that utilize the best agile and product development processes.

How does talent vetting work?

Our foundation is built on years of experience in technical recruiting and talent matching. We can match your startup with top talent that we already know and have worked with over the years, helping them advance their careers. For new candidates, we thoroughly vet them for their technical skills, experience, communication abilities, and work attitude.

Our vetting process for TalentFund Executives/CxOs, Team Leads and Builders includes a video interview, an assessment of their skills and expertise, a review of their past projects and portfolio, and an identity check.

How is the pricing structured?

The Headcount Planning Tool is completely FREE to use.

For hiring through TalentFund, we deploy a tiered pricing model tailored to make the transition from initial contracts to full-time the most cost-effective for startups.

What methods of payment do you accept?

To minimize fees for startups, we utilize Plooto for payment processing, which debits your bank account and securely stores all banking information.

Alternatively, we can enable Stripe, but we would need to charge an additional 2.9% per transaction.

What's the difference between TalentFund and IT Agencies?

The main difference lies in talent quality and cost.

IT agencies and product studios use the same fractional talent model as TalentFund but deploy their internal staff fractionally or as needed across clients, with a 20-40% commission on billable hours and limited options to convert to full-time if the project is successful.

At TalentFund, our focus is on fractional talent and teams at a 10% commission on billable hours. With Fractional Contracts, we handle the back office, including contracts and payments but we're not the employer on the record. While some talent prefers staying fractional, many are open to converting to full-time after the initial successful collaboration. We also execute on Direct Full-time roles.